The embrace flying to the US

First artwork sold this year! "The embrace", a 50x50cm limited edition print of 15, featuring a woman's back embraced by red/pinkish long hair.

First artwork sold this year! “The embrace“, a 50x50cm limited edition print of 15, featuring a woman’s back embraced by red/pinkish long hair.

This image is part of the series “Creatively” and is one of the 5 images I made with long hair being the main focus.
I had long hair at that time (not that long of course) and for the artwork purpose I dyed it red.

Hair is a powerful symbol of individual and group identity, extremely personal and public at the same time.

When I was creating these “hair inspired” images I investigated a lot about how hair was perceived by different cultures.
In most cultures hair represents beauty, strength, freedom, wealth and health and is often associated with youth and sexuality.

According to other cultures long hair is needed to cover women’s body when they’re buried as they lack clothes. This is where the idea of “The embrace” came from.

Client from Thailand

Magic flowers - 2017 - Photography - Paper
I’m so excited to have this artwork reaching Thailand because it’s the first time I have a collector from this country.

Since I started my career as a fine art photographer and visual artist I’ve sold my images all over the world. Cannot explain how grateful I feel for having small pieces of me in all these countries.
Thank you!

This artwork is named “Magic flowers”. It’s a small edition of 10, 25×25 cm.
There’s also a larger edition of 10, 50×50 cm, available through Saatchi Art.

Gifting art and a collector from the Netherlands

ray - 2014 - Photography - Paper
December is always a busy month for art sale with Christmas approaching.
Love the idea of gifting art because it adds value to a place. Weather it’s for family, friends or business, art is always a thoughtful gift.
While artwork is a material gift it can also be incredibly experiential and emotive, the perfect gift from a minimalist point of view.

Pray“, 50×50 cm self-portrait fine art photography print, is flying to a collector from the Netherlands.