Book cover in Korea – Twist by Delphine Bertholon

Book cover by Alessandra Favetto - Twist by Delphine Bertholon

Another book cover in Korea. This is “Twist” by french writer Delphine Bertholon.

Once again this image has been used as a book cover and I’m so happy that editors loved the concept of this photo.

It was earlier used as well as a book cover for the italian “Riscrivere la speranza“, although this time they used almost the whole original image, “Make your dreams come true” (2014),  that can be found in my Fantasy world series.

I remember exactly the day I took this photograph.
I saw my shadow reflected on the outside wall of my house and started playing around with my hands and fingers until I saw a seagull.
Just by chance, that’s how ideas come to life 🙂

Book cover photography by Alessandra Favetto
Represented as always by the awesome Trevillion Images