Live lightly - fine art photography concept by Alessandra Favetto

Know Thyself – New series and limited edition prints available

Glad to announce my new fine art self-portrait series, Know Thyself. It’s a bit different from my “normal” edits, lighter background, more color and a sense of freshness. “Know Thyself” is the natural result of the self psychological process I went through, to find a feeling of inner peace and acceptance instead of a continuos […]

Book cover image by Alessandra Favetto in Romania

Book cover in Romania

Excited to see this new book cover “Lumea în flăcări” by Siri Hustvedtin Romania, represented by the awesome Trevillion Images and even more excited to find out what this novel is about. I had to use google translator to get this book description: “Siri Hustvedt tells the story of artist Harriet “Harry” Burden, who, after years […]

Spread joy - 2022 - Photography - Paper

Spread joy

I free myself from ego and I find joy. Joy of being who I am, joy of feeling blessed with what I have, joy of living each moment to the fullest. I let go of worries, fears and indecisions and find peace, happiness and love. I give full attention to the present moment without resistance […]

Alessandra Favetto - Fine art self portrait photographer

Be your own witness

We all want to be liked. We all look for outside approval. Whether it’s our family, our friends, our spouse, our followers or our boss, at some point we are looking for their approval. I think it all starts at an early age. I remember how happy I was when coming back home from school with […]

Alessandra Favetto Arcangel Contributor

Arcangel Images Contributor

Glad to announce that I’ve become an Arcangel Images Contributor! That means that some of my fine art photos can be licensed through Arcangel agency for commercial use. Check my Arcangel portfolio here. I’ll be submitting regularly so feel free to check it often. Arcangel Images is a stock photography and illustration agency specializing in in supplying inspirational, […]

Gadebusch juwelier - Fine art photography and jewelry

Fine art photography and jewelry: the perfect match!

Fine art photography and jewelry. I wouldn’t have thought about this couple but YES it’s the perfect match! I’m so honored and grateful to be part of this amazing jewelry catalogue for Gadebusch, a well known jewelry store in Cologne with a tradition of over 175 years. Two of my images, “Waiting for the red […]

Alessandra Favetto - Fine art self portrait photographer

Garden Hat sold to an art collector from the US

“Garden hat” just makes me smile every time I see it. There’s a positive and joyful message in this self-portrait fine art photograph recently sold to an art collector from the US. This fine art photograph is one of the few special images where I combined photography and digital drawing. The mood and feeling I […]

Book cover photography by Alessandra Favetto - Twist by Delphine Bertolong

Book cover in Korea – Twist by Delphine Bertholon

Another book cover in Korea. This is “Twist” by french writer Delphine Bertholon. Once again this image has been used as a book cover and I’m so happy that editors loved the concept of this photo. It was earlier used as well as a book cover for the italian “Riscrivere la speranza“, although this time […]

Las flores mágicas - Photography by Alessandra Favetto

Here’s to all the strong women out there!

Happy international women’s day 2022! To celebrate this day I’d like to share with you these beautiful words from Samiha Totanji: “Here’s to all the strong women out there! Who stand up for themselves and face the world with a heart of soldier. Here’s to all the passionate women out there! Who won’t let the world […]


Image “Peace” in PhotoVogue Italia

It takes only a second to “see” an image that I want to shoot. My attention was immediately caught by the contrast of the yellow building against the blue sky. A tree on the left side and a cloud were there as a witness for nature. What a peaceful scene despite the sad and inevitable thought […]

Alessandra Favetto - Fine art self portrait photographer - The embrace - 2015 - Photography - Paper

The embrace

Embrace your flaws, your fears and your vulnerability. Embrace who you are with all your imperfections. Only then you can embrace love, light, beauty and the life you are blessed with. Wishing you all a wonderful 2022! May God bless you with good health, love and happiness. “The embrace” – 2014 – Photography on paper- […]

Publications and book covers - image by Alessandra Favetto

New book cover in Italy

Image “Bad day” is the book cover of “La materia oscura” (Dark matter in english), the italian edition of Michelle Paver’s novel. I read this book in two days! It grabbed me although I’m quite picky about novels and especially about ghosts stories. I loved how it was written and how raw, real and surreal it felt. Below […]