Book cover in Romania

Book cover image by Alessandra Favetto in Romania

Excited to see this new book cover “Lumea în flăcări” by Siri Hustvedtin Romania, represented by the awesome Trevillion Images and even more excited to find out what this novel is about.

I had to use google translator to get this book description:
“Siri Hustvedt tells the story of artist Harriet “Harry” Burden, who, after years of being ignored by critics and art collectors, causes a real scandal on the New York art scene when she persuades three young male artists to launch her creations under their own signature as a socio-philosophical experiment. However, when his authorial masks come to enjoy success and fame, and Harry goes out on the ramp to claim his work, things do not go as expected.”

So isn’t this a very nice coincidence? My image “The mask you wear” book cover of a novel that talks about a female artist. Nice 🙂

By the way, why do you think there’s a gender gap in the art world?
Why are female artists still valued less?
Why are they underrepresented?

Would love to hear your opinion!