Say hello to my new website!

Say hello to my new website! is now live with a brand new look.

What’s new:

– the logo with my hand-signed initials,

– portfolio pages each with an entry statement about the series and big images,

– press page where you can find all the articles and interviews

– and a special shop where you can find a selection of small size 25cm x 25cm limited edition prints.

– contact page where you can reach out to me or just say hello.

I’m especially happy to be offering small size limited edition prints of a selection of artworks. It makes art more affordable and the buying experience is really fast, just chose the image you like, add it to the cart and checkout immediately with PayPal.

I’ll be adding small size artworks every week so make sure to check the Shop prints page on a regular basis.

…. and let me know if you like my new website 🙂

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