It happened again!

It happened again! And the subtitle would be “How to change something bad in an opportunity”.

So here’s the story: I have a limited internet connection, this means that when I’ve used all the GB available in my monthly package I’m cut off of the Internet (unless I want to navigate at 256k, sort of Flinstone’s age!).

Upgrading to a higher package is non-viable as I’m not willing to pay 100 or more euro to be connected so when there are no GBs left I only have two options, either get frustrated or change the bad situation in an opportunity. I chose the second one :-))

Having no internet connection turns out to be a blessing! I’m much more productive, I take more photos, I have better ideas, I write more, I produce more art and feel better :-))
Being forced to stay away from the net has helped me start out with analog collage (I’ll write a post about it soon), increased my creativity and led me to write more posts on my blog.

Believe or not, an internet connection can trap you against your will and suck a lot of your time without you even noticing.
Here’s an example:
You check your email boxes every 10-15 minutes because you never know if something important may come in and you don’t want to miss answering back as soon as possible, you read the morning news and end up watching a video about whale and dolphin salvation and decide to make a donation to the WWF, you open facebook to wish your friend a happy birthday and end up writing down that avocado recipe that looks great, you get an email from one of your 30-50 subscriptions and decide to take just two minutes to check out that funny article about a lost dog that walked 100 miles to reach his home, you scroll the Instagram just to have a quick look on how many followers liked your latest photo and while you’re there you record a video for the story stream, you open that youtube video your sister suggested to watch and it’s so addictive that you go check the author’s site, read a couple of articles and subscribe to his newsletter, you check the weather forecast to plan your weekend but an ad on the right hand side catches your attention with a super special discount on that bikini you were thinking to buy so you click on the ad but in the meantime you get an email from amazon reminding you of that book you added to your wish list and that you totally forgot about so you open the link to read once more customers reviews……..and the list can go on and on and on.

Did you recognize yourself in any of these situations? I did, that’s why I’m not going to wait for my total data usage consumption, I’m not going to wait until it happens again. I decided to take 1 day off a week from the internet to recharge my creativity and do useful stuff. Like cooking that avocado recipe :-))))