Emotions and feelings

The photographic series “Emotions and feelings” began spontaneously and naturally from the need to immortalize a feeling I was living.
Get emotionally in a state of mind, try it and let it come to light, allowed me to closely interpret and photograph the feisty energy of human feelings.

What attracted me to pursue this photographic interpretation of emotions and feelings was that everyone, regardless of race, gender and culture, could read my images as they had a common and recognizable language. Jealousy, fear, anguish, pain, are the same in all corners of the world and all have experienced, at least once, these sensations. Thus, “getting into the image” and “feeling” the vibrations it produces is like living again a state of mind.

The images, all self-portraits, focus on body positions; the force and energy of body plasticity and the predominant colours, enhance power and character to the photos.
The square format emphasizes the lines and shape of the body and forces the eyes to focus on the subject and on what it conveys.