Preparing artwork for a client from the United States

Tribute to Frida - 2014 - Photography - Paper

It’s always very exciting to prepare an artwork for a client. While I’m packaging the image I often wonder where will it be hung, how it will look like in the house/office/space and always hope for clients to send me photos. Might sound silly but I put so much love and effort in my artworks that when I send them it’s like sending a tiny part of me as well 🙂
Well, hope that “Tribute to Frida” finds a great place in its new home! Flying to the United States!

“Tribute to Frida” is part of the collection “Me in many ways“.


Client from United States

Starting to prepare the limited edition print of “In between” for a collector from United States.
This is image is part of the collection “Me in many ways“.
Happy and grateful!


Client from Spain

Good news! My artwork “The positive way“, limited edition print, sold to a collector in Spain :-))
If you’re interested in any of my prints you can find my artworks on sale in Saatchi Art.
Buenas noticias! Mi photo “The positive way“, edición limitada, ha sido vendida a un coleccionista en España :-)) Si estas interesado en uno de mis cuadros puedes encontrarlos a la venta en Saatchi Art.