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Book cover photography by Alessandra Favetto - Twist by Delphine Bertolong

Book cover in Korea – Twist by Delphine Bertholon

Another book cover in Korea. This is "Twist" by french writer Delphine Bertholon. Once again this image has been used as a book cover and I'm so happy that editors loved the concept of this photo. It was earlier used as well as a book cover…
Publications and book covers - image by Alessandra Favetto

New book cover in Italy

Image "Bad day" is the book cover of "La materia oscura" (Dark matter in english), the italian edition of Michelle Paver's novel. I read this book in two days! It grabbed me although I'm quite picky about novels and especially about ghosts…
Book cover photography by Alessandra Favetto

An Italian book cover

This is such a great surprise! As an Italian, having one of my photographs on a book cover in my country makes me feel so happy and honored. The novel "Il contrabbandiere di parole", in English "The smuggler of words", by Italian…