The self-portrait photographer kit

Self portrait photographer equipment
As a self-potrait artist I’m frequently asked (mainly from non-photographers) how do I shoot my self-portraits and I normally answer “with a camera of course”! But I use other items as well so here’s my “how do I do it” post to start taking self-portraits.

The self-potrait photographer basic equipment: you will need

  • a camera
  • a tripod
  • a wireless remote shutter release
  • yourself as a model

You don’t need any fancy or expensive stuff. I started with a Nikon D3100  my husband gave me for my birthday in 2012 and it was great! I bought a 50mm 1.8 lens to have a better lens (but you can use the 18-55mm lens that comes included with the camera as well) and a cheap lightweight tripod. Then I bought a wireless remote shutter release for Nikon (be careful to buy the right one for your camera because there’s a model for Nikon and one for Canon!) and started taking photos!
Some of my first artwork collections were done with this basic equipment.

Now I’m using the same wireless remote shutter release although it’s the third one I buy because I break them :-)) I’m using now a full frame Nikon D600 (new model is now Nikon D610) and only if I need a full body shot and I don’t have enough space then I put on the 24-70mm 2.8 lens, otherwise I stick to my 50mm that suits my needs perfectly.
I did buy a new tripod (Tokura, the one in the photo) becuase I needed a more stable one for outdoor shots 🙂

And that’s it!
Have fun!!