How to Apply Texture to Your Images in Photoshop

How I use and apply textures to my images

  I love textures, they give a special touch/atmosphere to an image and I use them in almost every artwork I create. In my previous post I shared 10 free textures to download and now I want to share with you how I use textures in…
Alessandra Favetto fine art photography

“Time to rest” and a tip for photographers

This is my new work, "Time to rest", a self-potrait square and textured image and this is the tip for photographers/artists: turn your images around! Whenever I start working on a new photo I always give it a 90 degrees turn until I'm back…
Self portrait photographer equipment

The self-portrait photographer kit

As a self-potrait artist I'm frequently asked (mainly from non-photographers) how do I shoot my self-portraits and I normally answer "with a camera of course"! But I use other items as well so here's my "how do I do it" post to start taking…