Best protection against Covid

Best protection against Covid

I published this photo on my Instagram account with a quite provocative affirmation:

“No mask needed, I can go outside safely. Already cut my hands as well.”

Of course I was joking but as I keep seeing too many people in the streets with no protection at all thought it was a good idea to remind that the virus is no joke!
Virus is still there, we must protect ourselves and others from the spread. Now it’s not about flattening the curve, it’s about avoiding the increase of the curve again.

Many countries are slowly opening lockdown in stages but if people don’t respect the rules (keeping social distance, wearing a mask, avoiding agglomerations, etc.) we’re likely to go back to lockdown again.
Be part of the solution, not part of the problem.

Avoid the news and live happier

Vomito - Alessandra Favetto

I was almost caught up in an overwhelming fear as consequence of this extreme form of collective negative thoughts that abound these days.

We’re experiencing a very uncommon situation, an enforced closing down of the busyness of the world plus the uncertainty of what can we expect in the near future, but all the drama built on it is absolutely useless.

Energy that comes through the media causes high anxiety, I truly believe that. The more I read and watch the news the more I get involved in this collective fear.

This daily dose of negative energy has no positive effect on my life, it just amplifies my insecurities, my sense of something missing, the feeling of unease and that there’s something wrong that I should fix.

If I let myself go into this stream of negativity I know my mind will be caught up in an underlying fear. And there’s no need of it, it doesn’t help me in any way.

Avoid the news and live happier

So I turned off all the devices. I avoid reading the newspaper, watching the news or talking about what’s going on in the world with family and friends. I disconnected from everything.

I also started a meditation program that is helping me become more aware.
Every morning I sit for about 10 minutes and just experience the present moment. I become aware of my breathe, of myself and of my consciousness.

Ever since I started avoiding the news and started meditating on the power of now, I live happier.

“I move through my days light-hearted and carefree, knowing all is well”.

This is the only centering thought I want to follow, the personal mantra I repeat every day.

Avoid the news, stop thinking, be conscious, deepen into who you are and you will live happier.


If you want to learn more about living in the present, meditating and feeling happier, here are my suggestions:
– any of Eckhart Tolle books or videos
Deepak Chopra meditation experiences

Image is “Vomito”, from the series “Fábula y Drama de la soledad“.