Meditating on storms in life

Meditating on storms in life
Life is easy but humans like to make it complicated and view only the negative things that pass into their lives.

No one is exempt from the storms of life. When they hit you it’s like being in a desert storm, everything turns dark and it’s impossible to find a way out.

No matter how much you struggle, turn around, escape or hide sand will always find its way through your body.

So the best thing to do when a storm arrives is to keep calm, stand fierce and listen to what the storm is trying to teach you.
More than anything trust that everything that happens to you in life is a blessing and has a purpose so live positively, overcome your fears and enjoy!

I like this quote from Robin Sharma’s book “The saint, the surfer and the ceo“:

“For your life to be great,
your faith must be bigger than your fear.”