New artwork “Magic flowers”

New artwork "Magic flowers" by Alessandra Favetto

This image is part of the “Me in many ways” collection. This is the same title I gave to another artwork I made with the only difference that is was in spanish “Las flores magicas“. Should work more on titleing my works, I know, but there was such magic in those flowers that I didn’t bother much :-)))) I always do what I feel so “magic flowers” are always welcome!

This image is available as limited edition print at Saatchi Art.


“Time to rest” and a tip for photographers

"Time to rest" and a tip for photographers

This is my new work, “Time to rest”, a self-potrait square and textured image and this is the tip for photographers/artists: turn your images around!
Whenever I start working on a new photo I always give it a 90 degrees turn until I’m back to the original; I normally do it in Lightroom with my raw file and using the useful arrows at the bottom of the picture. I turn it clockwise 90 degrees, then again, then again until I’m back to the original. By doing this the same image might get a new dimension and can change dramatically. It doesn’t happen on all the photos of course but it’s worth giving it a try.

I hope you find this tip useful :-)))

You can view and shop this artwork at Saatchi Art.


New artwork “Wedding memories”

Wedding memories - Fine art self portrait photography by Alessandra Favetto

The story behind this photo is that one day I took my wedding dress from the closet where it had been hanging for years and wore it again to take some pictures. The great part of the story is that I could still fit in the dress! I happily remembered about my wedding and about being a bride and played around with the tulle while taking pictures and that resulted giving the image this dreamy nostalgic look.

This artwork is part of the “Me in many ways” collection and fine art prints are available in a limited edition of 10, regardless of size (available sizes: 25x25cm and 50x50cm), signed and numbered on the back.
You can view and shop this artwork at Saatchi Art.