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Best protection against Covid

I published this photo on my Instagram account with a quite provocative affirmation: “No mask needed, I can go outside safely. Already cut my hands as well.” Of course I was joking but as I keep seeing too many people in the streets with no protection at all thought it was a good idea to remind […]

Avoid the news and live happier

I was almost caught up in an overwhelming fear as consequence of this extreme form of collective negative thoughts that abound these days. We’re experiencing a very uncommon situation, an enforced closing down of the busyness of the world plus the uncertainty of what can we expect in the near future, but all the drama built on […]

The embrace flying to the US

First artwork sold this year! “The embrace“, a 50x50cm limited edition print of 15, featuring a woman’s back embraced by red/pinkish long hair. This image is part of the series “Creatively” and is one of the 5 images I made with long hair being the main focus. I had long hair at that time (not […]