Preparing artwork for a client from the United States

Tribute to Frida - 2014 - Photography - Paper

It’s always very exciting to prepare an artwork for a client. While I’m packaging the image I often wonder where will it be hung, how it will look like in the house/office/space and always hope for clients to send me photos. Might sound silly but I put so much love and effort in my artworks that when I send them it’s like sending a tiny part of me as well 🙂
Well, hope that “Tribute to Frida” finds a great place in its new home! Flying to the United States!

“Tribute to Frida” is part of the collection “Me in many ways“.

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Featured in Saatchi Art collection

Fall - 2013 - Photography - Paper

The image with all the red leaves falling is mine, it’s called “Fall” and I’m happy to see it again featured in this collection.
I only sell my limited edition prints through Saatchi Art so obviously I’m really glad and honored when one of my images is chosen by an art curator for their week collection. It means visibility, it means my work will be seen by more potential clients and it means that all my published portfolio can be visited and eventually lead to a sale.
So if you haven’t done it yet please go have a look at the “New This Week 7-24-2017 Collection” on Saatchi Art and once you’re there go have a look at my artwork portfolio as well :-))) Then, if you still have some time, check all the amazing artists and works that are published in the site!

Thank you!


Honorable mention Px3 Prix de la Photographie Paris

Alessandra Favetto Honorable mention Px3 Prix de la Photographie Paris
Very happy for this new honorable mention at the Px3 2017 Prix de la Photographie Paris. I submitted new photos of my series “Allegories of life, lessons of nature” in the Fine art category and I’m very grateful for this award. The jury selected winners and honorable mentions from thousands of photography entries from over 85 countries. So many talented photographers participated in the competition; you can view all the winners here > px3.fr